About Maya

Maya´s passion and love for makeup started out at a very young age at the moment, when she met her mother´s friend, who was a costume artist at the local theatre. She showed her the world of brushes, colors and makeup and gave her the first ever advice how to do makeup. She continued to self teach herself and doing makeup on everybody, whenever she had the chance to. 
Even while studying and giving birth to her three kids, Maya was always passionate about makeup and was working as a free makeup artist for brides, photographers and other private clients. Watching videos and reading other blogs inspired her to start writing about her love for makeup.
In March 2012 she started her very own blog: Visagistin Maya was born and has now over 22.700 followers on Facebook. 
2014 she decided to go back to school and become a certified makeup artist at the Pro Academy. Ever since she is working as a Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist. 

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